Benefits of Group Fitness

 Fun:Group Fitness ClassesIt’s more fun to do group fitness than regular boring gym. Working out in a group fitness setting is fun and takes you mind off of the work. Most classes have energetic music to keep you pumped up and get you going. A good group exercise class will encourage a sense of play. If you’re smiling and sweating at the same time your intensity will be higher and you’ll realize better results. Doing the same thing over and over ensures boredom. A fun, exciting class with a group of people is anything but boring. When you are having a good time, time flies and so do calories!

Social: They Offer a Chance to Meet New People and Socialize. Being able to meet new people at a group fitness class is a great alternative to a solo workout. Many people socialize before and after class making it even more fun. This helps keep people coming back and makes exercise a fun group activity.

 Routine Scheduled classesRoutine/ Discipline- They Instill Fitness Habits. Scheduled classes are great for people that like to stick to a routine. If you know you only have one hour at the gym you can schedule your time according to the class you want to take and still get a full body workout. Studies have shown that people are more likely to stick with a fitness regimen if they make it part of their routine. Group fitness classes offer this chance. You have a class at a certain time on certain days. Showing up for those classes makes fitness part of your habits and routines.

Safe and effective: When beginning a new or different fitness routine, feeling safe and being safe are key. Instructors will be able to help explain and model what you’re doing, how to do it and what you should be feeling. Knowing the correct technique of any workout prevents injuries and will maximize your results. Instead of being intimidated to use particular equipment, a group class will teach you the proper way to the exercise.

Time Efficient: Most of the classes are less than 1 hour duration, so you don’t end up spending 2 hours in the gym. They are also more effective in terms of results achievement in less time. Even there are classes which are less than 45 minutes of duration.

Inspiration or Motivation: Inspiration or Motivation Group classesGroup classes are unmatchable in terms of inspiration which you get from your co-members and trainers. They inspire and motivate you to go beyond your limit and get the desired results.

Self Dependency: Group Fitness exercises do not need much of any equipment so you can do them at your home or while traveling i.e. for Pump you just need a barbell and a few plates or for pump you just need your own body weight and if you have a bike you can do RPM at home or out of station.

Saving Money: Personal training, which we also like, is roughly three times the cost of a single group fitness class making group exercise classes perfect for the money conscious. The benefits you gain with a workout also save you money on health care, as people who workout are far less likely to get sick and also recover from illness and injury quicker than non-exercisers.

Better Performance: Due to regular attendance chances are more that your results will be more or your performance will improve. Consistency is the key to success.

Music: Fitness Classes with MusicMost classes have energetic music to keep you pumped up and get you going. It does not let you feel bored or tired so you end up pushing yourself beyond your failure.

Competition: Its is always good to have a healthy competition. The group classes give you that opportunity so that you end up doing more than your capacity and get desired results.

No Cheating: Its has been observed that when you exercise at your own you end up skipping a few most important component of fitness i.e. warm up, cool down or stretching etc. But in a group fitness class, trainer insures to cover all important aspect of fitness to give you all rounded fitness.

Learn Something New: A good class and a great instructor will show you how to work your body and muscles properly. Trying something different challenges both your mind and body, two things that ward off the effects of aging.

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