Max Pump

The amazing weight training program can take your fitness to the next level, be it toning, weight loss or muscle gain. You can achieve the body you want in no time. Inspiring and performing trainer with his coaching will push you beyond your physical capacity.

Max Spin

The indoor cycling program Max Spin will help you to burn approximately 750 calories in just 50 minutes class. Lots of gear changing (light to heavy), positions (sitting or standing) & various speed (low or high) will help you to achieve your peak endurance level and toned lower body in minimum possible time.


Martial Arts were always fun, adding music to it and lots of kicks, punches, boxing moves and kung-fu will make you feel like a true fighter and guess what you almost burnt 850 calories in just 55 minutes class.


Stronger core is essential to have a strong body. All muscles supporting your spine and helping you to create movement efficiency will be trained in this 45 minutes class. We are working specifically on all those wardrobe six pack abs, strong lower back, deep inner and middle core and more defined oblique muscles. You bet the music will help you to move without getting tired.


Weight Training with all strength training principle to make you super strong is our priority. This weight lifting class with the use of barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight training will push your muscles to grow like never before. Full body training is good enough to give your metabolic rate a super charge.

Power Yoga

A combination of traditional yoga with dynamic exercises. Places demands on all of the muscles, boosting circulation and improving muscle tone. Power yoga is the best medicine one could ever have for all the physical, mental, psychological strains. It will give the best remedies for anxiety, tension, fear, emotional imbalance.

Masala Bhangra

It is a form of Punjabi folk dance which gives euphoric experience to everybody. The best thing about this class is that, no matter whether you know how to dance or not, you will be able to follow the steps with the instructor but as per your own fitness level.